Saturday, April 21, 2012

Texturing objects with Daz Studio

One of the ways to make an animation your own is to put your own touch onto it with your own set of custom textures.

Learned how to make a copy of an existing texture, modify it, save it next to the original image, Switch to the surface selection tool, and then change the name of the file it is using for the texture.

As an experiment I decided to try to make a bed object look as realistic as possible with a repeating pattern.

I found a large close up picture of the pattern on a bed.  This picture was megabytes big.  It had some perspective issues that I had to adjust in Gimp.  I tried to use the gimp tool that creates a repeating pattern, but it just didn't work in this case, instead I just carefully cropped out a repeating section myself.

Here a demo video of the new mattress pattern in action:

The texture is just 37 Kb, instead of the megabytes that a normal texture map for a large item would be.  I made the texture tile twice both horizontally and vertically on the mattress.

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