Monday, April 23, 2012

Don’t be fooled

By the political rhetoric. Neither party is your friend and both parties spend like it is going out of style. The mock fights they have are as real as big time wrestling.

Just what part of government they grow is different, and if they want you to pay your taxes now or later. Deficit spending is a tax, with compounded interest. And Republicans have out deficit spent Democrats by 10 to 1 so far.

The media is a huge part of the problem. They are not objective bystanders, they are part of the system and they are owned by big money interests that have an agenda.

This country only has one political party, and that is the corporate party. You can be 100% positive that whoever gets elected will be there to help their corporate “friends.”

Want to know which candidates to vote for next election? Listen for the ones that the media mocks and makes fun of. Those are the few politicians that are not under the thumb of corporate interests.  You can tell that by the desperate, fearful way they are singled out by the media for attack.

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