Sunday, April 22, 2012

Frame rate in games does not matter.

What matters is having a consistent, repeatable frame rate so that the visual studdering doesn't distract you from your suspension of disbelief in the game.

Having more frames per second than your monitor allows will just create a random tearing on the screen that moves at the beat frequency of your monitors refresh rate and the rate you are getting from the game.

If the game cannot consistently get the 60 or 75 Hz that frame rate that is optimal for your monitor, than it would be better to aim for half the frame rate, or even a third.  So that the animation is smooth and not studdering at a random rate.

We watched interlaced video at 15 full frames a second at a resolution of about 320x200 on regular TV for decades without any problems.  Your video game will look awesome non interlaced on your computer monitor at a consistent 30 or 60 frames a second.

A little bit of motion burr will cover up any jerkiness and let the frames blend together, just like the motion blur you have in your own eyes when things are moving quickly.

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