Monday, April 23, 2012

Installing Android development tools on ubuntu 10.10

This is getting pretty old now, so probably all this software has newer versions.  Make sure you are downloading and installing the best and latest versions. 

Had a lot of strange errors that seemed to just resolve themselves later.  Had to download and unzip the android sdk twice before eclipse would accept the sdk location.  Had trouble with dependencies even once I had everything in the list that I needed.

To install Android eclipse development tool on ubuntu 10.10

Follow directions here:

You run into error with dependencies, so you add the following libraries here:

It is possible to  make Android Plugin work with the Eclipse Galileo package from Ubuntu 9.10 provided you have the required dependencies, as explained by dmdrummond before.

To save you the pain to manually search for dependencies, here is the list of websites to work with in the “Install new software” manager  :

Eclipse GEF      -
Eclipse EMF      -
Eclipse GMF      -
Eclipse Webtools -
Google eclipse Plugin -

You will just need to add them, without trying to download packages they provide !
Then go back downloading Developper Tools from

 and make sure you checked “Contact all update sites during install to find required softwares” so that Eclipse automatically retrieve required dependencies for the Android Plugin

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