Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Produkkt released a new demo.

The Produkkt is one of the most exciting companies I have ever seen. They create 3D animations and games using computer generated textures. Because they are generating these textures procedurally the 3d game has adapted dynamically to my video cards and monitor size over the years. It just looks better as the hardware gets better. Wouldn't it be amazing to load an old game on new hardware and the game just adapts to the increased resolution and speed?

 The New Demo called Debris. 177Kb download. This is a 3d demo of a complete city. With Shadows and music and all kinds of special effects. 7 minutes of amazing 3D animation from a 177Kb download. Datafile for demo is here.

The Old Game. 96Kb download. This is a complete level of a 3d first person shooter. The game is just ok, but it is a complete 3d game in 96Kb. The wikipedia entry for this game is here.

The Texture Editor. You have to register to get the texture editor. You can use it as is to generate textures and export them as bmp's for use in other programs. I would love to see the texture library put into the open source Quake 3 source code to generate levels procedurally.

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