Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Merge in CVS.

This document describes the procedures you need to do to merge a change from the main development branch to the PubFinal branch.

Commit the changes that you made.

cvs update .
cvs commit cmdtool*

Tag the files that you want to merge over.

cvs tag bug873 cmdtool.c cmdtool.h cmdtoolpb.c

Checkout the PubFinal branch of VNOS in a temporary location.

mkdir tempPubFinal
cd tempPubFinal
cvs checkout -r PubFinal VNOS/widgets/cmdtool

Then merge the fix into the branch.

cd VNOS/widgets/cmdtool
cvs update -j bug873

Fix any conflicts and then commit the changes to PubFinal.

cvs commit .

Finally, throw away the copy of PubFinal so you don't accidentally start working in the wrong branch.

cd ../../../
rm -rf tempPubFinal

And you are done.

If it was just one file, you could have used its version number to merge in the changes to PubFinal.

Instead of:

cvs update -j bug873

You could have used:

cvs update -j 1.49 cmdtool.c

If cmdtool.c was the only file you changed and 1.49 was the version that contained your checkin. 

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