Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buying a DNS Name and Tying it to Google Site for your Small Company.

You just bought a domain name and you need email and web hosting for your tiny little venture.

Google apps and Google sites is a possible solution.

Log into google apps with a new username.

Go through the process of creating your new company and add a few employees.

Then go into google sites.

Log into your dns provider and you are going to work between google apps, google sites and your dns provider.

You have to verify that you own your site as you are going through the setup process in google apps.  Choose adding a txt tag to dns in google apps and then follow the instructions to add the txt element in your dns provider site. Make sure you save settings. 

Take a break, because it is going to take a while for this update to trickle through the dns update system.  Come back and verify in google apps and it will tell you if it sees the txt tag yet or not.

Now, open a new window and go over to google sites.   You can create a new site, choose a template that is close to what you want, and make the site.  Google sites is a set of web editing tools that lets you adjust your site and put all sorts of advanced things into your web pages very easily.

Change permissions to allow anyone to see the site.

To get email working remove all the current mx records and put these mx records in your dns provider:

Priority Mail server

This is from

You can take care of the www maping of your web page.

Add CName for www to google sites.


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