Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New software update for the Makerbot Replicator 2 has both good and bad.

08 Dec 2013

When I first tried to download the new version I just got a copy of my old version again.  The software had not been updated on the web site, even though it said version 1.1 was available.   I reported the problem and checked again a few hours later and that had been fixed.

Makerware Software

This was version of the Makerware software and Firmware version 7.0  Had to install it to C:/Makerbot on my Windows XP box because C:/Program Files/Makerbot gave a script error.  Sloppy.   It also deleted the links from the software selection menu and never added them back. Had to put them back in manually.

New Slicer

Seems faster at both medium and high settings.

Firmware for Replicator 2

The new firmware makes the printer about half as loud as it was before and moves much smoother and gave it a bit of speed boost.  Now no louder than a paper printer.


This release is mixed. The software and firmware itself is good, but the problems with the website not being updated and installations problems with the software are concerning.  QA is important and every company that is asking people to update their software should ensure that it will work for every supported platform without exception.  The obvious bugs make me wonder what else is lurking under the hood to bite we users.

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