Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Comet - Don't Panic!

In a year there will be a large comet visible. It may fill most of the sky and may even be visible during the day.  It is predicted to be one of the most stunning astronomical events we ever see in our lifetimes.  Or it could break up and barely be visible.

It is not a sign from anyone, not even God. No, God is not unhappy with humans, so no fasting or self flagellation needed.  Not unless you are into that sort of thing.  No, the Earth is not ending.  No, the Universe is not ending.  Praying won't make it go away even a goggle of a second sooner and it is not any proof that what you prayed for is coming true.  A baby born while the comet is in the sky is coincidence, not a heavenly blessing. It is not going to hit the Earth or any of the other planets or even the Sun.  It is not an alien space craft that you have to commit suicide to hitch a ride on, despite what your religious leader may claim.  Do be on the look out for anyone that believes any of the above are true.  They can be dangerous and may become homicidal or suicidal.

This is just physics and math.  Yes, scientists have known that something exactly like this was coming for hundreds of years now.  It is just random chance that it is happening now, in our lifetimes.  It is a rock and ice object from the Oort cloud which surrounds the sun at about 2 to 10 times the distance of Jupiter from the Sun. Like most objects we detected this while it was just a tiny little dot in the sky invisible to the naked eye.  Right now it is still outside the orbit of Jupiter.

So you humans don't freak out.

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