Monday, June 23, 2014

The Rise of the Intelligent Agent.

In the future, when all the corporations (i.e., the de facto government) are tracking our every movement with AI we are going to need our own intelligent agents that act almost like a 1950's secretary between you and the world. Back then the boss didn't do anything for themselves, the secretary did everything for them, from taking notes, to getting the dry cleaning.

When you want something on the Internet you will ask your secretary and the secretary will cloak itself in a layer of anonymity and go seek out the services and information you want, in a safe and untraceable manner, then return with it.  Of course, all info should be properly filed so that it can be accessed instantly inside "the office."  The secretary would also remind you of birthdays, and send out a newsletter to each of your friends and business associates personalized for each person.

These IA would friend each other at our command and interact directly with each other using insane levels of verification and strong crypto to schedule appointments and exchange messages .

The IA will have to be hardware based, and be able to easily perform levels of crypto that would choke a computer today.  The device should perform voice to text transformations for you, rather than using the cloud, because recording your voice to the web leaks too much info about you to a third party.  It goes without saying that you need to own this hardware device yourself and have full control over it.  It should be able to be instantly and irrevocably wiped at the touch of a button.

This device would act as a onion router and cooperate with other devices of the same type to cloak our identities and guard our actions.  You would post all your messages and social media to this device and only others that you have given access to the information would be able to see the information.  You could finally post your full contact information for your friends and family to see, without having to share the information with a corporation and their advertisers, as you must now.

Every Google search you perform should appear to be from a brand new browser that has never connected to Google before.  These searches and your links should be saved on your side so that you don't have to repeat them very often.  We may want to cycle through a list of search engines to make any patterns we are looking for more difficult to spot.

A device like the Beagle Bone Black, along with a couple of specialized programmable chips to do the crypto and voice recognition would be all we need.  Rooting our phones to put a secure OS and loading a secure OS onto something like a chromebook to operate closely with the device over a heavily encrypted wifi vpn link.

These devices should also perform some sort of private financial services between individuals using a mechanism like bitcoin to ensure that there is a free and open economy even in fascist states that try to control and track every financial exchange.

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