Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hackmaster character manager: charcter attributes.

Character attributes:

There are 7 attributes, each with a set of bonuses or penalties to various gaming abilities.  For example, having a strength of 15.48 would give you the following abilities:

Damage Mod  +2
Feat Str         +7

Lift (lbs.)         245
Carry (lbs.)      91
Drag (lbs.)       613

The various abilities would stack, some attributes adding and some taking away.  These abilities of attack Bonus, Speed, initiative, defense, and damage would combine with your class and  level abilities, special bonuses, talents, racial bonus, armor, shield, and magic abilities for a specific weapon and fighting style in order to generate the weapon rose that is used for combat.

To build out all the abilities I am thinking having one table for all attributes that would have a row for each ability at each different level that the attribute can be.

So for a strength of 15.48 would match the following rows:

attribute  min      max     name      mod
strength  15.00   15.50   damage  2
strength  15.00   15.50   strfeat     7
strength  15.00   15.50   lift          249
strength  15.00   15.50   carry      91
strength  15.00   15.50   drag       613

So every line from the book for each attribute would have multiple entries in this table for all the ability scores.  The table would be queried for every attribute, and all the abilities added up and combined into a single set of abilities for the character with all the modifiers combined.

Ability scores can only change due to leveling up, or purchasing more ability points using build points.  Magic items may modify ability scores while worn, or .  Once we get to the point of allowing characters to join campaigns, then we would allow game masters to award changes to scores based on a set of rules.

Build points are awarded at character creation, for the addition of quirks, and for each new level.

I think that you can assign the order you want the attributes to be increased when you level up, assigning a d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, and d4 to the various scores and this will happen each time automatically... maybe give the opportunity to mod this before the additional values are generated and added to 6 of the 7 attributes.

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