Thursday, December 19, 2013

Building a framework to manage Hackmaster character sheet management

I'm working on a project with a friend to manage the Hackmaster RPG character sheets on the web.

We are working to set up a basic framework for the site.  We want a single page to be updated dynamically with no reloads at all.

Our thought is to use MongoDB using Perl on the web server back-end as the presistant data store.  Then use jquery to pass data to and from the server to the web page.  Finally Use knockoutjs to update the data elements in the page.

How to install mongodb on Ubuntu:

How to install knockoutjs:

Testing if mongodb works:

> Mongo
Welcome to the MongoDB shell.
For interactive help, type "help".
For more comprehensive documentation, see
Questions? Try the support group
Server has startup warnings:
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.039 [initandlisten]
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.039 [initandlisten] ** NOTE: This is a 32 bit MongoDB binary.
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.040 [initandlisten] **       32 bit builds are limited to less than 2GB of data (or less with --journal).
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.040 [initandlisten] **       Note that journaling defaults to off for 32 bit and is currently off.
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.040 [initandlisten] **       See
Mon Sep  2 22:30:58.040 [initandlisten]
> { a: 1 } )
> db.test.find()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("52254b79b578d8dc54e545ac"), "a" : 1 }
> quit
function quit() { [native code] }
> quit()
Next thing I need to do is to write a little perl cgi script to act as a gateway between the web page and mongo. 

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