Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Man's Duty to Protect Nature.

Nature is too beautiful to spoil for our own selfish ends.  There are few things as great as going for a walk along a cool, quiet country road early in the morning before it gets scorching hot.  You can look at the flowers and the wildlife, listen to the birds and the babbling brook, feel the cool air hit you as a breeze picks up, smell the heavenly scent of the wild flowers, feel the solid ground under your feet that gently accepts each step in a thick loam, and the warmth of the sun on your face as it filters through the mix of green leaves overhead.  The entire experience is real, it is what we evolved to experience on a day to day basis.

Contrast this with city life.  A constant white noise assault on your ears punctuated with the roar of a nearby bus, the scream of brakes, the squeal of a car accelerating like a puppy in agony, the stench of urine from the ugly grey parking structure, the fear that you are going to be assaulted, killed and robbed by one of the tens of thousands of people you are walking past, some of whom are obviously suffering from serious mental health issues, the stench of 100’s of culture’s food smells all mixing together in just a few city blocks, the sound of gunfire on the next street, people constantly screaming and yelling to each other to be heard over the roar of city life, every step on hard, unyielding, filthy concrete past store after store after store, all the same, yet different and almost none of them selling anything you really need.


You can have nature or you can have a job.  This is the false choice that the main stream media constantly pushes onto anyone who watches TV, reads the newspaper, or listens to the radio.  I not only reject this choice, but I make the claim that if you ruin nature then you will lose your job.

Don’t get me wrong;  Earning a living is important.  But having a job is not the most important thing.  There are many things more important than making a living.  Taking care of your family and your friends and yourself is more important than having a job.  I have never heard an old man tell me that he wished he had spent more time in the office, but I have heard many tell me that they wished they had spent more time with their family and with their friends.


Ask anyone what a kitchen is for and they will tell you that is where you cook your food.  But cleaning is just as important as cooking and also has to be done, even if nobody likes doing it.

If a guy in a fancy grey suit on TV told you that you don’t need to ever clean your dishes after you eat, just stack them in the corner and get new ones each time you would think that person was incorrect.   

What would you do if you had a house guest that was using up all your clean dishes and leaving the dirty dishes stacked in your sink and lining the counters and starting to stack up on the floors?  You would make them clean it up or toss them out.

This is what we are doing to the environment.  After we do a job we are leaving the dishes stacked up uncleaned for someone else to wash up later.

Companies need to learn how to do their own chores instead of leaving the clean up for someone else.

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